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We now have a Swap'n'Shop section on the website.  If you have anything you want to sell, or need, please send your information to me, include your name, contact information, what it is you are selling, please include picture if possible (do not resize) and any other information that you think is required.  Please send everything to Val at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and I will get it posted for you.  Thanks so much

The purpose of this site is to help share knowledge about events, clubs and Amateur radio groups throughout Saskatchewan. We hope you will enjoy our new site, with a different look.

Here in Western Canada the vast open spaces make for some interesting challenges for Amateur Radio. We have a relatively small population compared to our land mass. Over the years Saskatchewan radio operators have tried to bridge the distance gap with a combination of different linking techniques. These are comprised of a radio and Internet based repeaters throughout the southern and northern areas.

There is also activity in the High Frequency radio bands with Nets to help those outside the reach of VHF & UHF repeaters. Please join with us here on the website where we try and bring areas of our province closer together by learning a little about different clubs, organizations and the events and activities they take part in.

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In keeping with our NE Director's article in the latest QSO, I found this article, written by Kevin Thornton K5KVN rather funny.  Kevin writes the Ham Hijinks.

Study Confirms ORMers are Bad People

NEWINGSTEAD, Vt. — Results of a worldwide study have confirmed what many ham radio operators have suspected all along: people who purposefully interfere with other transmissions are psychopaths.

The study, conducted over the course of one week by the National Radio Retransmission Legion (NRRL), was released yesterday. “It became immediately clear what kind of people we were dealing with. One week was all we needed to determine that people who QRM are just terrible, nasty trolls,” said Bruno Harlingturn, NRRL Deputy of Scientific Studies. 

The research sought to determine exactly why people engage in malicious interference. QRMers were identified by NRRL interns, who used “inexpensive direction finding equipment” to pinpoint the location of the interference. Many were found on 14.313 MHz in the United States. The interns then sent written surveys to those identified as the source of the interference. 

When asked why they QRM, respondents said, in part:

“I’m actually making it more fun for the hams, by making it more challenging to hear the rare DX through my whistling.”
“The longer I press on my J38 key, the more pleasure I receive.”
“I enjoy the audio characteristics of belching, particularly when 20 meters goes long late in the day.”
“The more beautiful the SSB signal is, the more satisfying it is to corrupt.”

Researchers say these answers point to narcissism (egotism and self-obsession), psychopathy (the lack of remorse and empathy) and sadism (pleasure in the suffering of others).

“Let’s not mince words here. These fools are certifiable nutcases,” said Harlingturn. He said the study was so successful, the NRRL plans to replicate the methodology on a future study. “I think we can soon determine why so many hams use phonetics on two meter repeaters,” Harlingturn said. 

Ham Hijinks will report on that study when it becomes available.

Ham-fest 2014 is now complete.  We have everything organized and now we just have to wait for the Door Prizes to come in.  I know the Directors are canvasing their local businesses and there should be a great selection.  Check out the Saskatchewan Ham-fest page for more information.

Ladies if you are planning on coming to Ham-fest 2014, please phone or email me so that we can make sure your name is on the list for the Ladies Program, space is limited.


Hamfest 2013 picture

Special Thanks to Kevin Crowston for doing the group photo.


Anyone who took pictures at any of the ham-fests (even the older ones - pre 2005)

please send to Val VE5ACJ by snail mail or by email .

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Just want to wish all who have a Birthday , Anniversary or other special event in April all the best.  Just something new to see who reads to the bottom of the page.





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