SARL is proud to reintroduce a certificate that was used in early 2000.  This was originally thought of because of the many contesters that we do have in amateur radio.

If you are interested in this certificate, please read the rules below.  I hope we get many more requests.

This award is open to any licenses amateur radio operator in the world. Recipients of the award will receive an attractive, suitable for framing certificate in return for a complete log of contacts. No QSL cards are necessary, however proof may be requested.


1.  Contact Requirements:

  • VE5’s must make 30 contacts in the province of Saskatchewan, any band, any mode.
  • Other Canadian stations must contact 25 VE5 stations, any band, any mode.
  • USA stations must contact 20 VE5 stations, any band, any mode. 
  • DX stations must contact 10 VE5 stations, any band, any mode.

2.  .Repeater contacts, linked or otherwise, IRLP, IPARN and packet network contacts are all accepted.

3.  Unless otherwise requested along with a SASE all certificates will be emailed out.

4.  There is no charge for this award.

5.   Log Submissions:


Recipients can send logs by email in excel or doc format.

Attn: Awards Manager
263-325 4Th Avenue SW
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada  S6H 5V2

or email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

6.  The Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League, Inc., reserves the right to reject any log from any amateur if it is deemed necessary by the SARL Awards Committee.  




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