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Other Interesting Links

I learned quite a bit from this video.... I knew the basics, but not the latter part. Please watch it all the way through- it could save you.

This is very good information for all of us. Please watch and listen.   Downed Power Lines

What Would Happen if a Massive Solar Storm Hit the Earth 2015 HD Documentary.  Click Here 

Here's another one.  Click Here

Interested in Space Weather?  Click Here

Radio Society of Great Britain.  Click Here

Has Britain's Secret Radio Fallen into enemy hands? A WWII Story.  Click  RAF   

Giant 'Hole' in Sun Is 50 Earths Wide .  Check it out Here

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This is a very interesting article on Solar Flares and HF Propagation.  Click FDIM81 for PDF.

This is an incredible documentary on the Sun....if you think it is like any other explanation you have heard, it’s not....it’s the sun and solar flares explained like you have never known.  Hope you've got an hour to spare.  I watched it and now we know why band conditions are what they are.  Please click Solar Flares

Here is something to make your laugh.  Please click here for The Ham Song






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