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For your information, I have put on put on all the upcoming events. Please make sure you mark your calendars. There is also information regarding the Advanced Study material so please copy down the URL if you are interested.

  1. Moose Jaw Spring Flea Market

 Saturday May 4, 2024 9AM-2PM

  1. The Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Club is the longest running Amateur Radio Club in Saskatchewan! We had 86 people in attendance at last year’s flea market from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.
  2. Our annual spring flea market is  local at Moose Jaw’s Western Development Museum. The venue is wheelchair accessible. Refreshments are available. Please contact Barry VE5TRF for table bookings.
  3. Great Deals! Great People! Great Times!
  4. See you there!

Announcement and Invitation to CANADIAN PRAIRIES QSO PARTY event

Bart Ritchie (VE5CPU)

A group of western Canadian amateurs has created a Canadian QSO Party
contest event as part of the larger North American QSO Party activities.

2024 will be the third running of the event and I would like to reach
out to interested SARL members who might want to participate by
having a small blurb on your web site / Facebook site or in your newsletter.

The event is in May of 2024 so having something in the April
timeframe would be helpful if you would be agreeable to publish
information about the event.

I have attached a PDF Post for the event that has all the
details. Further information about the event and how to participate
can be found on the groups web site:

Thanks for your consideration. If any further information is needed,
I would be happy to provide it.

73, Bart - VE5CPU
on behalf of the CPQSO Party team

Manitoba Ham Fest

Jim Sloane

August 17, 2024


This will be our third Manitoba Ham Fest and we are looking forward to seeing you there.

We have good food on site courtesy Austin Cafe and Grill.

We have a spacious and friendly venue.

Booking tables and information at the Brandon ARC website.

You may also contact Stan ve4sjp for more informaation

This is proving to be a popular get-together so come one and come all.

Free Advanced Amateur Radio Course

Don here, VE7DXE, I'm the ham 'behind the scenes at    Over this
past winter, I dedicated myself to creating a resource that I believe will
significantly benefit the amateur radio community. I'm excited to introduce
the Advanced Amateur Radio Course   (ttps:// , now
available for free on  *See below for links*

Hamshack's Advanced Amateur Radio Course was developed using an innovative
learning methodology designed to make the learning process more
straightforward. QSL (Question Specific Learning) helps turn complex amateur
radio concepts into accessible and comprehensible material for students.
This format moves beyond repetitive memorization, focusing on the 'why'
behind answers to deepen understanding and improve retention of course
content in preparation for the Spectrum Management exam.

There are currently 50 students enrolled in the Advanced Online Course,
working their way through the material at their own pace in preparation for
the Advanced exam. And, I'm very pleased to announce that Ron, VE6RLZ is the
first amateur to complete the course and go-on to write and pass the
Advanced Exam with a 100% passing mark (well done Ron!).

Course Features:

* Mobile-Friendly Design: Accessible learning on-the-go, ensuring that
enthusiasts can study anytime, anywhere.
* Visual Aids and Quizzes: Engaging content that helps to enhance
retention and understanding.
* QSL (Question Specific Learning) Method: A novel approach focusing
on the 'why' behind answers to foster quick comprehension and long-lasting
* Interactive Quizzes and Final Exam: Each of the 7 study sections
concludes with a quiz, culminating in a 50-question practice exam.

I'm reaching out to ask for your support in sharing this information with
your club members. Please also consider featuring a link to the Advanced
Course on your club's website and encourage your members with Basic and
Basic with Honours certifications to enroll in the free course to obtain
their Advanced certification.

In addition, Clubs are welcome to incorporate the QSL Advanced course into
their educational program for a nominal per user fee. Contact me if your
Club is interested in adding the hamshack Advanced Course to your training

You can view the course here:

Sign-up for free access here:


Please enjoy a tour of all our amazing photos
of our wonderful hamfests through the years
- a total