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The purpose of this site is to help share knowledge about events, clubs and Amateur radio groups throughout Saskatchewan. We hope you will enjoy our site, with a different look.

Here in Western Canada the vast open spaces make for some interesting challenges for Amateur Radio. We have a relatively small population compared to our land mass. Over the years Saskatchewan radio operators have tried to bridge the distance gap with a combination of different linking techniques. These are comprised of a radio and Internet based repeaters throughout the southern and northern areas.

There is also activity in the High Frequency radio bands with Nets to help those outside the reach of VHF & UHF repeaters. Please join with us here on the website where we try and bring areas of our province closer together by learning a little about different clubs, organizations and the events and activities they take part in.

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Which club is willing to do the hamfest this year

Please send Bob, VE5LTD an email letting him know no later than March 31st  Please CLICK HERE  to get hold of Bob.



At the moment with the WDM being closed because of the Covid 19 Virus, the flea-market is on hold.  However it  is  the Museum's decision if and when they re-open,
SO if the museum is not open by the 21st of April, I will call everything off.

There is a possibility, that if the Spring flea-market is cancelled, we MIGHT, MAYBE have a fall market.
Right now anything can happen.



The Flea Market will be held on May 9, 2020 at the WDM in Moose Jaw.

8am open for vendors
9am open for public.
11am Avonlea meeting
noon hour we leave

Please get hold of Barry for more information HERE

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