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Mission Statement

The Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League's goal is to complement local clubs throughout the province of Saskatchewan in coordination of provincial items that affect more than just one club or group. Issues like an orderly scheduling of Hamfests, frequency coordination and helping smaller clubs and Associations with finding help should they require it.

SARL doesn't fund projects on an ongoing basis like a repeater or an item restricted to one area. Funding could be provided for projects which can be used province wide. An example of this is the sask-hamfest webpage. This page can be used by any club or group that wishes to have a Internet webpage for the purposes of informing the province of an upcoming Saskatchewan Hamfest.

The site can either host the web pages or merely redirect those requesting information to your clubs own site, whatever your group chooses. Currently, SARL has purchased this web domain through to October 19, 2023. It has been used successfully for Saskatchewan Hamfest's since 2003. The response to the page is positive.

SARL is currently going through some changes. Our hobby is moving forward into the future and over the last few years interest in SARL has decreased. The reasons for this is varied, however a new group of individuals has been elected to the executive and they believe a strong and well supported SARL can play a valuable role in keeping us as Radio Hobbyists informed of events on a provincial scale. They see a need for a central point of contact as it were. Lastly, we need your membership and your input. It is with yearly membership funds that we can help fund events and different projects throughout this province.

No matter where you live, in a small town, rural area or large city if we combine our resources we can continue to support our website and help fund projects on a province wide basis.



Please CLICK HERE to get the pdf, which you may print out. It is 16 pages long.

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