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Ladies, please don't be shy.
We have several YL  nets that you can try to get on.


40 M Net - 7.055 MHz
Tuesday - 1400 UTC Winter and 1500 UTC Summer - Sept-May

20 M Net - 14.120 Mhz
Tuesday - 1700 UTC - Sept-May

80 M East Net - 3.750 MHz
Monday 7 p.m. Eastern, 8 p.m. Atlantic Sept-May

YL Thursday Night Net

This net alternates between 40 M and 20 M each week. 0100UTC
40 M - 7.193 +/-
20 M - 14.288.0 +/-


Monday - 1500 UTC - 14.288 +/-
Rose-Marie, KB4RM - Net Controller

Tangle Net

Thursday 1800 UTC - 14.297 +/-
Pat, K7DUC - Net Controller
Sue, KA7SUC - Assistant Net Controller


Please invite all YLs you know to join us! Net begins at 8:00PM EST Thursday which equates to 01:00 UTC Friday

You can join via RF on 145.47 (-) PL 100.0Hz or ECHOLink Node 560686 (NF4GA-R)

As a brief reminder, we welcome OMs to listen, but kindly request that only YLs check in as this net is specifically put together for YLs. Thanks again for such wonderful support from all!

Catherine, KK4UBQ-net control

Triple T Net

Every two weeks (next one Dec 14th)
2130 UTC Repeater Station *VE3TTT* (echolink)
or IRLP Node # 2400
Minnie, VE3DBQ or Audrey, VE1PK

YL Friendship Net (Australia)

1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month (next one Dec. 17th)
2100 UTC Conference Station ALARA (echolink)
or IRLP Node # 9509

YL Downunder Net

4th Thursday of every month
0500 UTC VKEMCOMM (echolink)
or Conference station ALARA
or IRLP Node # 9509
Shirley, VK5YL

222 Net

14.222 Mondays @ 0530 UTC (Sunday Evening in Canada)
If band conditions are good and there is a net controller


To read some of these issues, please click

Frequency Coordinator

As more and more frequencies are put into use for fixed services (eg. links and repeaters) it becomes very important to have the frequencies coordinated to eliminate interference. To this end the ARRL maintains a system of frequency coordinators in each area of North America who maintain a database of frequencies in use which they use to recommend optimum frequencies to those amateurs wishing to set up new facilities.

The coordinator does not ASSIGN frequencies, only recommends, as he has no federal regulatory power and compliance is voluntary. Ham radio is basically self regulating and this is just another example of what can be done with a little co-operation. There can be no guarantees that any given frequency will be completely free of interference, but the coordinator will do his best to ensure that there is frequency and distance separation between stations.

As a matter of interest there are 248 coordinated frequencies in use in Saskatchewan in the vhf and uhf bands. Frequencies for linking in some areas of the province are becoming difficult to come by on the 440 MHz band.

Anyone wishing to set up a facility should contact the Saskatchewan Frequency Coordinator, supplying details such as location, call sign, station sponsor and preferred frequencies

Saskatchewan Frequency Coordinator

Stan Ewert VE5SC
Box 17, White City, Sask. S4L 5B1
E-Mail:  HERE


Contact the Section Manager (SM) in your RAC Section for information. The Section Managers provide regular reports about activities in their area and these are published in the Section News of every issue of The Canadian Amateur Magazine. Their contact information is also shown on page 4 of each issue of TCA as shown below.

If the Section Manager is satisfied that you have the ability to properly recruit, organize and manage an ARES group, the SM or the Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC) will appoint you as an Emergency Coordinator (EC). You will then have access to the ARES training and reference material to get the job done right.

CEC = RAC Certified Emergency Coordinator

The information contained on this page is only as good as the information received from the individuals listed. Please check your listing and ensure it is complete and correct. If there is any error or omission, advise your SEC immediately and also the webmaster of SARL

Section Manager

BJ Madsen, VE5FX
P.O.Box 2860
Tisdale, Sask. SØE 1TØ
Email:  HERE

Section Emergency Coordinator ~ Vacant

Emergency Coordinators

Ron Ford, VA5RJF
Unit 10 – 315 Ledingham Dr
Saskatoon, SK S7V 0J1
Tel: 306-374-8614
Email:   HERE

Yorkton & Melville Area
Temporarily Vacant

South East Saskatchewan
Jerry Dixon, VE5DC
BOX 124
Sintaluta, SK SØG 4NØ
Tel: 306-727-4917
E-mail:  HERE

Regina & Area
Terry White, VE5TLW
30 Davis Place
Regina, SK S4S 4R1
Tel: 306-586-1810
E-mail: HERE

Hanley &  Area

Ned Carroll, VE5NED
Box 375
Davidson, SK SØG 1AØ
Tel: 306-854-2254
E-mail: HERE

Prince Albert & Area
Temporarily Vacant

Swift Current & District
Calvin Vosper, VE5CAL
9- 741 1st. Ave. NW
Swift Current, SK S9H ØN7
Tel: 306-774-4577
E-mail: HERE

Lloydminster & Area
Len Pryor, VE5WI
BOX 10
Marsahll, SK SØM 1RØ
Tel: 306-387-6881
E-mail: HERE

Battleford & Midwest Saskatchewan
Ray Rosler, VE5RAE
1395 – 112th. St.
North Battleford, SK S9A 2L7
Tel: 306-445-3114
E-mail: HERE

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Amateur Radio Emergency Service

Saskatchewan Repeater Directory

This list is as up to date as possible.  If you know of a repeater that is down, or permanently off the air, please let us know so that we can keep this list current.  Thank you.

We (SARL) wish to thank Stan,  VE5SC and Randy, VE5RJM for their efforts in keeping the Saskatchewan Repeater List as up-to-date as is humanly possible.  This page is the same as:  NwHam Repeater Database and Form

If you are driving through any of these areas and know for a fact that the repeater is not working, please let me know asap so we can get hold of the folks that look after that repeater.

Randy, VE5RJM and Cal, VE5CAL are the Saskatchewan Administrators for the NA Repeater Directory

Please click on the button below to see the directory





(SARL site updated Nov. 23, 2019)



Come Join Us on the Saskatchewan Nets

We have many nets that one can check into.  If you are new to amateur radio, this is a great way to get to know your fellow radio operators.  We are were all  "newbies" once, and we know how daunting radio is, but you have to start someplace  So don't be shy, pick up that mike and say hello.  We don't bite. Do you have a net in your area?  Send us the information and we will put it on the webpage.  That way when folks are visiting your area, they know what time your nets are Please remember that all net controllers are volunteers.  If you would like to try your hand at doing 1 day (evening) please get hold of your local club and they can get you in touch with the Net Manager.  We would really appreciate a night off once in a while.

To see the listing of Saskatchewan Nets please click  READ MORE...

Saskatchewan 2M Linked Network IRLP Reflector #9300

Welcome to the homepage of the Saskatchewan 2M Linked Net. The net meets every weeknight (Mon - Fri) at 9:00PM local time (0300 UTC) on the various IRLP linked repeaters throughout the province. Stations from anywhere are always welcome to check in.

The purpose of the net is to promote fellowship amongst hams and pass on information about events and news that affect amateurs province wide. Please feel free to browse through this site and learn about the net and what to expect when you check in.

Thanks for your interest in the Saskatchewan 2M Linked Net

Reflector 9010 Status

All IRLP Status

All Reflector Status

Net Manager & Net Controllers

Net Manager
Art Hiebert, VE5ARJ
Email is ve5arj@rac.ca
Node is VE5NIP 2820

The Net Controllers are:

Norm Rudock, VE5NK
Email:  treana.cjn@sasktel.net
Node  VE5NIP  2820

Doris Quiring, VE5DJQ
Email:  quiringe@shaw.ca
Node VE5CC 1360

Lyle Maystruck, VE5EE
Email: ve5kks@accesscomm.ca
Node VE5YQR 1550

Clayton Matyjanke, VE5CTM
Email: ve5ctm@gmail.com
Node VE5YQR 1550

Jim MacKenzie, VE5EIS
Email:  jim@photojim.ca
Node VE5YQR 1550

Net Procedure

Order of the Net:

At or about 9PM CST, the net control station will call the net to order and give a general preamble. There is often news and bulletins at this time from the NCS, usually other stations are asked to stand by with any bulletins until their area is called.

Emergency or Priority Traffic:

The NCS will ask if there is any emergency or priority traffic. Any other traffic must stand by until NCS proceeds.

Reports of Ill or Hospitalized Amateurs:

The NCS will ask if there is any bulletins or reports of ill or hospitalized amateurs. Any other traffic must stand by until NCS proceeds.

Checking Into the Net:

When your area/repeater is called for, you can at this time check into the net. Saskatchewan nodes will be called first, then out of province nodes and finally international nodes. The order of the nodes depends on the NCS. There is no set order. This net is a traffic net, therefore you must indicate if you have traffic. An example of a check in is as follows:

(A station without traffic)

NCS: "Any check ins for Saskatoon, please call now."
YOU: "VE5XYZ, no traffic."
NCS: "VE5XYZ, thank you for checking, further Saskatoon."

 (A station with traffic)

NCS: "Any check ins for Saskatoon, please call now."
NCS: "VE5XYZ, go ahead."
YOU: State your traffic

Closing the Net

The NCS will close the net at the end of all business. Usually he/she will ask if there is any further traffic or check ins from anywhere.
Once the NCS clears, the system is open for use again.

Updated Jan 31, 2014

To see the listings of the Repeater Nodes, please click READ MORE...

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