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This page is going to be for all the Directors of SARL to put on their local news for the month.

All I ask is that you have your articles sent into me no later than the 15th of the month so that they can be ready for the following month.  ie:  15 Dec for the month of January.

At the end of the month, I will remove the articles, and put on the new information.

Let's create an active website.


Hello from Yorkton and Area

All is well in spite of a slow harvest in parts of the Parkland. The amateur radio activities in the Yorkton area are mostly through the Parkland Amateur Radio Club (PARC) with twenty plus members. This is an all time high with some members more active than others. Hams in the area are engaged in various activities including HF, VHF, and digital modes on five club repeaters and three private repeaters. We have two accredited examiners, Bob,  VE5CQ and Hein, VE5TEN.

PARC is happy to license new comers to the hobby. Check out PARC's website for more information.

We sends wishes for a Merry Christmas and all the best in 2020.

Garf, VE5CAT ~  Norquay

~ o ~O ~ o ~


Hello from N.E. and Area

Nothing much is happening in the north-east now that winter has set in.
Melfort and Tisdale hams continue to meet to solve the world’s problems at breakfast every
Saturday morning.

The Tisdale repeater may be required to move from its long-time location on top of the McKay
tower building, but negotiations are still in the works. As this is not a really prime time of the
year to be moving a repeater, one hopes that it will not be necessary.

Barry, VE5HA is going to abandon us once again after Christmas in favour of the delights of
Cuba where, I’ve been told, the weather is more favourable. Maybe on one of his trips, he will
take an HF rig and do some dxing back to his freezing friends in Saskatchewan.

Best wishes for the season

Bj. Madsen , VE5FX ~ Tisdale

~ o ~O ~ o ~


Hello from Regina and Area

Well with the colder weather, its antenna tuning time. The 40 and 80 meter dipole needed to be tuned up at the science center. Justine, VA5RED and Malcolm, VE5ZG braved the windy cold Saturday to do the magic to the antennas we installed a few months ago. All went well and they have a you tube video all about the project. The 30 and 17 meter antenna need tuning also but that’s for another day. We still need to install the tri bander antenna on the tower after the rotor is check out. Lots of work at the club station but it’s getting done thanks to Malcolm and Justine. Repeaters are working fine except for the time announcement on the City Hall VE5YQR which some how is over driving the audio. We need a trip up to the radio room and check things out.

Santa Claus parade when well and there were a lot of people in attendance. Not much snow in the Regina area and the temperature getting colder for a few days but warming up then. HF bands have for the most part been bad but we still try to hear that rare DX and the digital modes shine as more people are on them.

Well that’s about it from Regina and area. Just like to wish everyone a joyous and happy Christmas with a promise of a good new year.

73 Lyle, VE5EE ~ Regina

~ o ~O ~ o ~


Hello from Saskatoon Area

I have a page and a half to forward with this email. I keep thinking of more things to say and will put that down shortly. I was able to attend the “Peace Garden Hamfest” in July and found it to be a fine old style hamfest.  The numbers were up this year from last years low, so everyone is optimistic.
Battleford turned out to be just fine and the turnout for the SARL meeting was left me with optimism. I will include some of that next time as well.

73 Gordon, VE5UJ ~ Strasbourg

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Meetings In and Around the Province

Do you have any special meetings that you want other hams to be able to attend?  Do you know of any meetings that hams should attend?

Once again, this page is for all of our Saskatchewan hams not just SARL members.  Please help us with information.  We are a large province, and unless we have the information, there is no way we as webmasters can be all seeing and all knowing.  We do try, but we do have our limits.  Let's keep it currant.

Thank you again for your help.  Let's keep this website current and up-to-date.




Coffee breaks around 3:00 PM and 9:00 Pm if anyone is available

Call on the repeater 147.24 (+600) or 146.88 (- 600)

Someone might be listening! If you are passing through, just give a shout on the repeaters and there may be someone interested in a coffee!


Coffee Break Saturdays - 9 AM Haywoods's Restaurant Eastview Shopping Centre 3016 Arlington Avenue

Moose Jaw Pioneers Seniors ARC

We usually meet at DQ - 1711 Main St N. on the 2nd Tuesday of the month for lunch.  If you are driving through,  drop in and see if we are there, 11:30-??? depends on the conversation and the length of time you have.

Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Club

If your not busy on Saturday morning, wander out to Humpty's on Thatcher @ 0800 hr to when ever. Meet and Greet other local Amateurs

Regina Amateur Radio Association

We have a Saturday breakfast get together at Nickys Cafe at 1005 8th Ave, Regina from ~7:30 am to about ~9:00 am

Please make sure you continue to scroll down for more information on this page!

Well other than saying welcome to our new website, we don't have much to keep you informed about.

If there is something that should be here, please let me know.  I am not a mind-reader and I only know about local news.


Which club is willing to do the hamfest this year

Please send Bob, VE5LTD an email letting him know no later than March 31st  Please CLICK HERE  to get hold of Bob.


The Flea Market will be held on May 9, 2020 at the WDM in Moose Jaw.

8am open for vendors 9am open for public. 11am Avonlea meeting noon hour we leave

Please get hold of Barry for more information HERE




Land of Living Skies Certificate



Grey Cowan, VE5GC
Milan Pivk, S58MU
Jorge Jacome, HC1JQ
Quito Radio Club, HCØE

- o 0 o -

If you are interested in this certificate, please read the rules below.  I hope we get many more requests.
This award is open to any licenses amateur radio operator in the world.  Recipients of the award will receive an attractive, suitable for framing certificate in return for a complete log of contacts. No QSL cards are necessary, however further proof may be requested.


1.  Contact Requirements:

  • VE5’s must make 30 contacts in the province of Saskatchewan, any band, any mode.
  • Other Canadian stations must contact 25 VE5 stations, any band, any mode.
  • USA stations must contact 20 VE5 stations, any band, any mode.
  • DX stations must contact 10 VE5 stations, any band, any mode.

2.  .Repeater contacts, linked or otherwise, IRLP, IPARN and packet network contacts are all accepted.

3.  Unless otherwise requested along with a SASE all certificates will be emailed out.

4.  There is no charge for this award.

5.   Log Submissions:

Recipients can send logs by email in excel or doc format.

email:  CLICK HERE

6.  The Saskatchewan Amateur Radio League, Inc., reserves the right to reject any log from any amateur if it is deemed necessary.