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This page is for all hams who have items for sale. Please send your info to Val, VE5ACJ.  Please CLICK HERE

Ads are posted for 3 months, and can be extended by notifying me before the expiry date.

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Look what I have for sale:

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  • The following list is from VE5GW - Gregg Babish in Regina, and is being sold as a
    package only for $1250.00 (not offering individual items from this list).
  • All equipment is in excellent condition, unless otherwise noted.
  • This is an ideal opportunity for someone who wants to upgrade their station, is starting out in the hobby, or wanting to divide the equipment up and resell some, or all of it.
  • Will provide photos of items of interest in the following list on request.
  • Please VE5GW Radio Equipment For Sale  to open the PDF as Gregg has compiled a super list.

For more information please contact Gregg, VE5GW.
EMAIL: gbabish@accesscomm.ca
PHONE: (306) 585-1502

Posted May. 03, 2021

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Posted May 20, 2021

Prices Firm.


  •  Squeeze Ele-Key. Model EK-150. Excellent Unit. Katsumi Electronic Co. Ltd. (Keyed Line-Own Made). 3000 to 8 OHM. $80.00.
  •  B&K Model 290 Deluxe electronic Multimeter. $100.00.
  • .2-25 ft welding cable set 7/16”, copper. Welds at 270°. $40.00.
    Weight: 14 lbs. Due to weight, this item is for Sask. resident’s only-must be picked up in Moose Jaw.
  • Philco Chapel Radio T.R.F. Model 50. 5-tube. .55 Watts 40-60 cycle. 115 cycle. Completely finished. Inside tubes have all been replaced. Works excellent. Beautiful sound. Schematic diagram included. $100.00.
    Weight. 19.1 lbs. Due to weight, this item is for Sask. resident’s only-must be picked up in Moose Jaw. (no refund after testing in MJ if you take it home).

For More information, please contact Val, VE5ACJ/VE5AQ or Harv, VE5AC
Phone, 1-306-693-6127
we DO NOT subscribe to number display, please leave your Name and Number

Emial: vlemko40@gmail.com

Posted Posted May. 8 2021