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  • wanted a 2 meter duplexer about a 6 cavity or so
  • Working or not FT-102 Yaesu transceiver
  • Working or not DX-60B Heathkit transmitter

Please let Lyle, VE5EE know if you have one of the above.

-Email: ve5ee@myaccess.ca

Re-Posted  Jan. 10, 2020

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  • Kenwood MC- 53DM DTMF mic for the TS-2000
  • Yaesu system fusion/C4MF mobile radio . what you got? FTM-3200-DR, fFTM-7250-DR ,FTM-10DR
  • BC-139 cradle charger for a Icom-91 handheld
  • Icom BC-202/202IP2 rapid charger is designed to charge the BP-271 and BP-272 Li-ion batteries for the ID-51A Plus 2.

For more information, please contact Brent,VE7REN
Email:  ve7ren@shaw.ca

Posted  Dec. 9, 2019