Do You Know of Anyone Who Deserves One of These

If you want to nominate an amateur for the any of the trophies, please go to the forms page on this website and print out and send to the address listed.

Centennial TrophyCentennial Trophy Donated by the Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club

Presented to a Saskatchewan amateur for outstanding achievement in the design and construction of home built amateur equipment. Equipment and documentation must be provided when entering the contest. The hamfest committee will appoint a committee of judges to select the winner.

Art Driver TrophyArt Driver Efficiency Award Donated by Art Driver VE5CM in 1960

Presented for exceptional service to the amateur traffic net system.The winner is selected by a committee composed of Presidents (or their alternates) of Saskatchewan Amateur Radio Clubs at the annual hamfest.
CKIB Technical Trophy

CKBI Technical Trophy Donated by CKBI Radio and Television

Technical theory competition for Saskatchewan Amateurs at the hamfest. Contestants are asked a series of technical questions supplied by the hamfest contest committee. In the event of a tie, another series of questions will be given to break the tie.

Fred Lowe TrophyFred Lowe Memorial Trophy Donated by the Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Club

This trophy is presented to the winner of the 75 Meter hidden transmitter hunt at the hamfest.

Northern Dancer Trophy Donated by Bruce Donovan VE5ND

Presented annually to the person that does the most Net Controlling in the province including the 2 m linked net, the Saskatchewan Phone Net and any other nets he/she wishes to get involved with. It may be only be won by a Saskatchewan amateur.

QC Annual ARRL Field DayQC Club Annual ARRL Field Day Trophy Donated by the QC Club of Saskatoon

Presented to the Saskatchewan club or group with the highest submitted score in the ARRL Field Day Contest. Representatives of clubs or groups should bring their scores to hamfest.
SARL New Ham

SARL New Amateur Trophy Donated by SARL

Presented to New hams with the highest exam marks or a new ham who has made great contributions to the amateur radio community. Names and marks are to be sent to the President before the hamfest by the clubs/examiners.

Fred Ward Memorial Trophy Donated by The Moose Jaw Amateur Radio Club

Presented to the ham who contacts the most distant station from the Saskatchewan hamfest. This trophy has been missing for several years. It was last won by a ham who lives Manitoba.

Brug Haim Na Onaga TrophyBrug Haim No Onaga Trophy Donated by Herb Fredrickson E18BY/VE5FO

Presented for the blunder of the year. Nominators must stand at the hamfest banquet and give their reasons for putting forth their nominee. Those attending will vote on the various stories by means of applause. If anyone has the correct translation of the above, please send it to Val VE5ACJ so that it may be inserted into the contents.

Fur-Lined Button HoleFur-Lined Button-Hole

This is the oldest amateur radio trophy in Saskatchewan dating back to one of the first hamfest. This trophy was home-made featuring a small frame on which was mounted a fur lined button hole. This trophy was awarded to the Saskatchewan ham who could tell the tallest tale at the hamfest. The trophy went missing around 1985 and a replacement trophy was made up to take its place and then the original trophy reappeared. It has now been integrated into the new trophy

Gus CoxGus Cox Memorial Trophy Donated by the Saskatoon Amateur Radio Club

This is the second oldest trophy in hamfest competition. It is a CW proficiency contest open to any Saskatchewan amateur, but excluding holders of commercial radio operators licences. Entrants copy CW at various speeds from a cassette tape which is located within the trophy. The hamfest contest committee will mark the copy and decide a winner on the same basis as a DOC exam.

Hammond TrophyHammond Trophy Donated by the Hammond Manufacturing Co. of Guelph Ontario (Fred Hammond VE3HC)

Presented annually for craftsmanship in home-brew equipment. Equipment and documentation is to be brought to the hamfest and entered for judging. The hamfest committee will appoint a committee of judges to select the winner.

Tom Van Ness Memorial Trophy

Presented for outstanding contributions to amateur radio in Saskatchewan. Nominations must be received by the President before the hamfest.

J Heddle Sinclair TrophyJ. Heddle Sinclair Trophy

Presented to the winner of the 2 Meter Hidden transmitter hunt at the Saskatchewan hamfest. The contest committee will establish the rules for the hunt.

Left FootQLF Contest

This trophy is presented to the Saskatchewan amateur who, in the judgement of the contest committee is able to send the fastest and clearest CW using only his or her left foot on the key. A small trophy is made up at each hamfest and the winner is allowed to keep the trophy.